Esthetician Kit

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Esthetician Kit

Esthetician Kit | California Supreme Kit : Glendale, CA

Our esthetician kit helps prepare you for a career as an esthetician or skin care therapist. All estheticians must be licensed in the State of California. You will need to complete more than 260 hours of training. At least 600 hours of training is typical. Once you receive the training, your next step is the state board exam. The test includes two parts: a written exam and a practical – or hands-on – exam.

Once you pass your state exam, you will be able to work as a certified skin care therapist in day spas, medi-spas, and other facilities offering skin care treatments. Your training for this type of work includes an extensive knowledge of the cosmetic treatment of the skin. Our esthetician kits provide everything you need to learn the basics of skin therapy.

This includes being able to perform the following procedures:

• Facials
• Waxing
• Body treatments
• Waxing
• Spa treatments

In addition to your basic education, you will need to complete several hours of post-graduate education. Our kits are updated to reflect the latest techniques and procedures. Our hands-on classes are especially useful in preparing you for the practical part of the exam.

The classes offer training from hair, skin, and beauty professionals. Our classes – while not required with the kits – are an excellent way to prepare for practical application of what you have learned. Our goal is to help you increase your confidence in advance of your state board exam by offering a reinforcement of concepts you already know.

As a skin care therapist, you will be able to work in most spas and other locations offering spa and skin treatments. However, it is important to realize that you are not a certified medical doctor or dermatologist. You cannot diagnose skin conditions or suggest treatments for skin conditions other than the application of various cosmetic products.

You can, however, offer treatments that are complementary to treatments a customer is receiving from a doctor. This may include skin exfoliating and extracting blackheads. Some skin care therapists work along with a trained, certified, and licensed dermatologist in private practice or other medical facility.

The esthetician kit rental fee is $75 and it comes complete, the doll head is already included. With the rental of our kit, you are welcomed to watch our dvd that goes over all the state board procedures and after the dvd, we are more than welcome to go over the kit with you and answer any questions you may have. For more information, feel free to call and ask for more information.

To reserve your California Supreme Kit before your exam or arrange for esthetician and manicuring demonstrations, call (818) 459-0782 or (818) 459-0784 and ask for Alfredo. Give yourself the extra edge you need to prepare for your state board exam!