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Barber Kit - California Supreme Kit


A barber needs a barber certificate to work in this field in California. This certification can be acquired through a barber school or barber program at an accredited institution. Our barber kits include everything necessary to brush up on your skills and prepare for the state exam. If you opt for classes, you will further prepare from your exam with hands-on experience. This includes working with real clients in a real salon setting. Our barber kits are designed to help you prepare for your certification. Once you receive certification, you then apply for your state license. You will need a barber certificate from an accredited barber or cosmetology school before applying for your license.

As a certified and licensed barber, you will perform the following tasks:

• Giving haircuts
• Trimming beards
• Dying hair, including facial hair
• Coloring
• Highlighting
• Permanent waves
• Facials

As a barber, your clients will be mostly males. Some customers will want the same basic style and cut each time, while younger clients tend to go for what is trendy. After you complete certification and receive your license, you will be able to work as a barber in State of California. Barbers usually work in either a salon or an independent barber shop. Most barbers start out working with an experienced barber before venturing out on their own. Regardless of which option you choose, preparing for your certification and license with one of our kits will open up the door to many career possibilities.

The barber kit rental fee is $90 and it includes everything except for your clippers and hair cutting doll head with the rental of our kit, we provide a complementary class where we go over the kit and the state board procedures with your. Please fee free to ask more information.

To reserve your California Supreme Kit before your exam or arrange for esthetician and manicuring demonstrations, call (818) 459-0782 or (818) 459-0784 and ask for Alfredo. Give yourself the extra edge you need to prepare for your state board exam!