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California Supreme Kit provides the preparation you need for your state exam with barber, cosmetology, and esthetician Kits. Call us now and find out more!

Since 1981 helping students be successful in their state board exams with providing Supreme Kits

Cosmetology Kit

Barber Kit

Esthetician Kit

Cosmetology Kit | California Supreme Kit

Cosmetologists are trained primarily in hair, are also licensed to give facials and some other basic..

Rental Fee: $95
(doll head not included)
Plus $15 tripod included
Barber Kit | California Supreme Kit

A barber needs a barber certificate to work in this field in California. This certification can be acquired..

Rental Fee: $90
(clippers and haircutting doll head not included)
Esthetician Kit | California Supreme Kit

Our esthetician kit helps prepare you for a career as an esthetician or skin care therapist. All estheticians..

Rental Fee: $75 (full kit)

California Supreme Kit provides complementary classes where you can familiarize yourself with your kit! Call us today to setup your rental.

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You will find us conveniently located next to the State Board Building. Reserve your rental kit by calling us at: (818) 459-0782 or (818) 459-0784 and ask for Jobana or Alfredo. Be sure to take advantage of our complementary classes to familiarize yourself with the kit before taking your exam. The more prepared you are, the more relaxed and confident you will be when taking your exam.

Undecided whether to rent or buy your kit?
The answer is simple there are many common places where you are able to buy your kit, but only on eplace where you can rent it.

Rental Kits Offered:

• Cosmetology kits
• Barber kit
• Esthtician kit
• Manicurist kit